by, Suzanne Moore

Octavio Paz, winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1990, is an international figure who became a noted Mexican poet, essayist, and diplomat. He was born in Mexico City, on March 31, 1914, into a family with political and military ties. This time was of course during the height of the Mexican Revolution, and the outbreak of World War I. He saw the rise of fascism when Franco was the Spanish dictator, during World War II. Paz’s essays reflect turmoil and destruction of these times, the clash of cultures, and the identity of Latin America.

by, Suzanne Moore, Wilkes County Librarian

Wilkes County Public Library is hosting a series of environmental wellness programs during the month of April to motivate, inspire, and help us sustain the health of our ‘Mother Earth.’ So, goodbye winter and hello spring! Warmer and longer days bring a renewed awareness to the beauty of nature around us. Whether you are a gardener or just enjoy the bounty, the growing season is now in its planting stage.

by, Suzanne Moore

What is financial wellness? Financial wellness is your ability to live a healthy financial life. It is the power to take control of your financial health now and into the future.

Financial wellness allows you to feel secure over day-to-day and month-to-month finances.  You have the means to absorb a financial shock and freedom to make choices that let you enjoy life.   You are able meet your long-term financial goals.

You can enhance your financial wellness by improving various aspects of your personal finances.  

By, Suzanne Moore, Wilkes County Librarian

The North Wilkesboro Woman’s Club recently donated a guidebook; Great Day Hikes on North Carolina’s Mountain to Sea Trail, to Wilkes County Public Library and the Branch at Traphill.   The local chapter of the North Carolina General Federation of Woman’s Clubs has adopted the state president’s special project of highlighting the Mountains-to-Sea-Trail.  One particular way that the North Wilkesboro Chapter is doing this is by sharing a beautiful book that is the “Official Guide from Friends of the Mountains-to-Sea-Trail.”

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