L to R: Ben Isaacs, TJ Holbrook, Ken Crouse, Pam and Lee Herring L to R: Ben Isaacs, TJ Holbrook, Ken Crouse, Pam and Lee Herring

A Tree in Memory of Rose

Sunday, 24 July 2022 21:50

Recently a tree was planted outside the childrens garden, at Wilkes County Public Library.  The tree is in memory of Rose Herring, and is called Acer griseum; aka Paperbark Maple.  Though native to China it is well adapted to our local climate. It is not very common but a highly sought after tree due to it’s peeling,cinnamon colored bark and scarlet fall color. Its size is similar to the better known Japanese maple.

The trees were donated and planted by Ken Crouse of Peaceful Valley Gardens.    Approximately 25 years ago Ken had planted a pair of Paperbark Maples at Roses house approximately, and over the years they were among her favorite trees. Ken had also planted a memorial tree for Leonard soon after his passing in December of 2016, on the east corner of the library; the Tenth Street side. That tree was a ‘Rising Sun’ Redbud so we thought it only fitting to plant a tree for Rose just outside the children’s room that bears her name. Both Leonard and Rose were always big supporters of the Wilkes County Library and we believe that it is a tribute to their legacy to dedicate these two trees to their memory.