Management Team

You can reach any of the following staff at 336-846-2041.

County Librarian 
Laura McPherson

Adult Services Manager
Elizabeth Payne

Circulation Manager 
Rebecca Kennedy

Technical Services Manager
Vickie Milam

Youth Services Manager
Megan Kennedy

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Advisory Board

The Board has eight members which the County appoints, members serve staggered four year terms; members can serve a maximum of two consecutive four year terms, but they can be reappointed after being off the board for one year. Four local library board members also serve on the Regional Advisory Board. The President of the Friends of the Library is considered an ex officio member. 

Meetings are held on the second Monday of every other month at 12 pm.

Board Member Local Board Term Expirations Regional Term Expirations
Jan Noffsinger August 2026  August 2026
Kyle Hall August 2026  August 2026
Stephen Katz August 2023  
Karen Moll August 2026  August 2026
Kim Barnes August 2024  
JoAnn Crawley August 2023  
Lisa Calhoun August 2024  
Doug Butler August 2025  August 2024
Laura McPherson Library Manager