Appalachian Regional Library has resumed curbside and virtual-only services. We will provide updates as soon as we're able to safely re-open our buildings to the public. PLEASE ALSO NOTE that all the libraries in the Appalachian Regional Library system will be entirely closed to the public on Thursday, Feb. 25.

Repair Hub


Bring broken or torn items to a Repair Hub pop up instead of throwing them away. Participants will be paired with a qualified volunteer that will help them fix their item. Attendees will go home with a repaired item and a new skill.

Reparations in December will include costume jewelry (clasps and restringing), clothing (mending), wooden cutting boards and spoons (refurbishing), knives (sharpening), and lamps and electrical cord repairs (bring your own plug, wire and socket if needed).

The Repair Hub in October resulted in 98 pounds of material kept out of the landfill. There was a steady stream of participants and 43 items were fixed. The December pop-up will have even more volunteers to help with repairs.

The director and founder of Repair Hub is Andy Groothuis, who learned the art of repair from his grandfather. This knowledge and a commitment to keep items out of landfills has helped formulate this community- based nonprofit. For more information or to learn more, contact Andy at (828) 773-6530 or email