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Towel Day


Towel Day

A special event celebrating The Hitchhiker’s Guide to theGalaxy series!

Stop by the library for festive craft kits, contests, photoops and a guest appearance by Marvin the Paranoid Android!

If you can’t participate in the festivities in-person, noproblem! We’ve got you covered! Tune in to our YouTube channel for readings& snippets of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, readings ofpatron-submitted Bad Vogon Poetry.  Tag us on Facebook/Instagram/orTwitter with your best (properly dressed) towel photos and your favoriteHitchhiker’s Guide memories!

Important Things to Know:

May 16th:

Bad Vogon Poetry Contest Begins! – Look up “Vogonpoetry” and send us your worst poems for us to read online on May 25th!

All Submissions are due by May 20thand may be sent via Facebook/Instagram/Twitter or to [email protected].


May 25th: There’s a lot going on so listen closely…

Towel Donation Drive (All Day!)

  All day on May 25th, we’re collectingtowels and new washcloths to share with the Catherine H. Barber MemorialShelter and the Humane Society!

    For every person that donates, you get aprize!

Towel Readings (Online!)

Bad Vogon Poetry Readings (Online!)

    You submitted them & now we’rereading them!

Towel Contest Begins @ 1pm (in-person!)

    Come sporting your best towel for achance to win prizes!

Sample Menu Contest for the Restaurant at the End of theUniverse Begins!

    Do you have ideas of what the Restaurantat the End of the Universe should serve? Let’s see those ideas! Submit yourentries online through Facebook or Instagram or bring in yoursubmissions to the Children’s Library! Bonus Points if you bring us a menu thatwe can display!

All submission for the Menu Contest are due by May 31st and may be sent viaFacebook/Instagram/Twitter OR IN PERSON!!