Teens Rule Club

Do you ever feel like no one listens to your ideas? Or that no one takes into consideration what you want to do? Come to the library for the Teens Rule Club! At our monthly meetings, we'll plan events, discuss books, and talk about activities that interest you. Anyone in 7th to 12th grade is welcome.

Give Me a Piece of Your Mind

Debate hot topics at this group for ages 12-18. This is a safe place for teens to debate about things that affect their social economic well-being.

Give Me a Piece of Your Mind will empower participants by modeling and encouraging honest and respectful communication in a safe setting. Participants learn assertiveness skills and effective communication. They will have the opportunity to make new friends and relieve stress by expressing their opinions on important topics.

Topics discussed may include controversial subjects such as:
-Arts education in schools
-Cats vs. dogs
-Daycares on-site at high schools for teen mothers
-Drug tests for athletes in schools
-Drug use as a mental illness
-Ethics of animal testing
-Ethics of death penalty
-Ethics of zoos
-Free museums for the public
-Life sentencing for adolescents
-Mental health days for students
-Plastic surgery should be illegal
-Refugees in America
-Required recycling
-Second language beginning in elementary schools
-Sex education in schools
-Unpaid internships
-Year-round education


Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers help make our library wonderful.

If you're looking for volunteer opportunities, please visit our Volunteer Information Page or stop by the Youth Services desk at the library for more information.


Useful Resources

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  • Soon-to-be-driver in your family or someone who needs a refresher? Check out these free online practice tests.