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School has ended and summer is here. If you are like most parents or grandparents, you are looking for something to keep the little ones (or not so little ones) busy but also learning during the summer. Reading is a great way to bridge that divide. Reading helps build imagination, literacy skills, and stronger analytical thinking skills. It also helps improve your memory, writing skills, mood, and focus. One thing that I have found that reading helps is in reducing stress and considering what we have all gone through in this last year or so... we could all do with a little reading.

The summer reading program that the library offers is for all ages. It's not just for kids any more! Adults are more than welcome to sign up. Any one with any ability is eligible. If they can't read, then someone can read to them and they will still earn prizes appropriate for their developmental age. We want everyone to participate!



In order to earn prizes, you need to be registered. There are a couple of ways you can do this and this goes for adults or kids.

  • you can stop by Wilkes County Public Library or Traphill Branch to sign up in person.


If you sign up in person, library staff can help you get signed up online and get you started there. We can also provide you with a paper alternative if you are not comfortable with using an online system. We've got you covered either way.

Registration starts Tuesday, June 1. Keep in mind that the library is closed on May 31 for Memorial Day. Registration will end Saturday, July 3 so you have lots of time to get signed up. We realize that you have things going on in your life just as everyone else does. This gives you the time to get it all done without having to rush.


How Do I Get My Prizes?

It depends on which program you signed up for because we offer programs for all ages. An adult would be very unhappy doing the baby program whereas the baby couldn't do the adult program. We know it complicates things but it helps keep things age appropriate.

The first question is... where did you register? If you came to the library to do it, you may have gotten a paper time tracker (teens and younger) or a BINGO card (adults). If you registered online, you can record everything there.

For the teens and younger, you have to keep track of how much time you read. You get prizes based on the amount of time that you read. Also, it helps the library. This is an important number that we show to our local and state politicians when they ask what we did over the summer. You will also have a place to record the titles of the books you read online and on paper. This will come in handy for the older kids when they go back to school in the fall and they need to take Reading Counts quizzes (or similar). A very important point to make is that any books that you read for this program you can also count on other reading programs. I know some Wilkes County students participate in the App State Summer Reading.

Adults, you will have a BINGO card that you will fill out. You have to finish all the squares, AKA blackout, in order to get prizes. If you would rather have a paper version of this, please stop by the upstairs desk and they can get you signed up. If you want to try the new online system we are offering this year, the BINGO card is available through READsquared. You will have the ability to mark the squares out through that system.

When can I get my prizes? Well, if you have been keeping track of your time like you are supposed to, then stop by the library to pick up your prizes. If you are using a paper tracker, please bring that with you. If you are using READsquared, we get a list of who gets prizes. You are welcome to pick up one prize at a time or you can wait and leave with a load of treasures!

Adults, fill out your BINGO card. Once you have it completely finished, drop it off at the upstairs circulation desk. They have a selection of prizes for you to chose from. You will also be entered to win a Kindle Fire.



As much as we all hate to admit it, COVID-19 is still a concern and as such, we are going to be cautious. Most of our programs will be offered online again. We will offer a few programs in-person and these will be held outdoors at a variety of locations. Due to the outdoor locations, we will be at the mercy of the elements so please come prepared. If any of these have to be cancelled due to inclement weather, it will be announced on our Facebook page. Please check there for updates or you can always call the library at 336-838-2818.

Our special summer programs will start Monday, June 7. They will continue through most of the summer. Please check out our online calendar for more information. We also have paper calendars that you can pick up when you visit the libraries.

Our online programs will be offered on several platforms due to accessibility issues. Library staff will be providing weekly programming including some Facebook Live content on our library's Facebook page. The library has also brought in a wonderful group called Page Turner Adventures who will be providing weekly content through READsquared and through the library's website.

Our in-person programs will be offered in a variety of locations.

Take a look at our program calendar to see the full line-up and find out more! We also have calendars and bookmarks at the library that you can pick up the next time you are in.

Take and Make Kits

Each week during the summer we will be providing Take and Make kits that can be picked up at the libraries. There will be a different theme each week and we will have kits for kids and for teens. Supplies are limited so we ask that you only take one kit per child or teen.


If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please contact us at 336-838-2818. We hope to see you soon!