High Country Writers host a "Brain game" session with Lee Bernier.

BRAIN GYM® FOR HIGH COUNTRY WRITERS WORKSHOP June 7th 2018 to be taught by Mary Gray and Elizabeth Percival.
Brain Gym® is a discipline created by Paul E. Dennison and his wife, Gail E. Dennison. It is part of the Educational Kinesiology System pioneered and developed by the Dennisons. The slogan of Brain Gym® is that “Movement is the door to learning.” It can be a particular help to writers who have to spend a lot of time sitting down when writing or researching.
The program is based on twenty-six simple movements that improve mind-body coordination so that it becomes easier to learn, to create, to relate to others, achieve your goals and feel good about yourself. These exercises will help you to have more energy when it is needed and engage both hemispheres of your brain so that they can work together as they are meant to. These movements will help you organize your work and increase your powers of focusing. They can help you move out of “writer's block” and those “stuck places” that most writers struggle with. It is useful to all ages and especially helpful for those who have learning challenges.
Many of the movements can be done sitting down. Please wear comfortable loose clothing and bring a bottle of water.
Mary and Elizabeth trained in and have practiced Brain Gym® for over twenty years. You can find more about Brain Gym® at the websites <> and <>. We will bring a selection of books to display and will have some for sale. The workshop will take place at the Watauga Libray meeting room, not at Artspace. We look forward to sharing more about this extraordinary work with you.