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Dr. Seuss: Guess the Text Message Book


For the true Seuss fan... In honor of Dr. Seuss' Birthday, his characters have taken to texting each other. The text will be posted on the windows of the library. Each text conversation is two character from one of Dr.Seuss' books. Can you guess which book, just by reading the text message? Hints can be found on the window outside the library.
 Someof Dr. Seuss' characters have received cell phones for his birthdaycelebration.  They have started to text their friends (or enemies). Patrons can guess which book the texting characters are from. The Dr.Seuss Character Texts is a Google form quiz that patrons can find on ourFacebook page and receive a score or they can find the texts and book cluesoutside of the windows of the library.  Look for the big Cat in the Hat inthe window to get started.