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arlyHello, North Carolina! My name is Arly and I am the  Appalachian Regional Library mascot.  I am a sly fox so keep an eye out for me as I travel throughout Ashe, Watauga, and Wilkes Counties.

I am a Gray Fox, the only species of fox native to North Carolina.  To learn more about the gray fox visit,  North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission.

Arly's Mission Statement

Arly, Appalachian Regional Library's mascot, promotes literacy in person, on promotional material, and via the internet and social media.  Arly generates excitement about books, invites children and their families to enjoy library services, and encourages children to read, read, read!

Arly's Picks

Hi guys! I've looked through the shelves high and low to find some great titles I think you'll enjoy! I've picked out some books that are fun for winter. You can check out any of these books at your local library.      

Click the individual book to find it in our catalog


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Ask Arly!

Have a question for Arly? Want to know more about the library? Curious about how far the Earth is from the Sun, how your hometown got started, or how much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? Ask Arly anything, anything at all and he will answer - it may even be a correct answer!

Schedule Arly

Arly would love to make tracks to your community event! Please allow a four week notice prior to your date. Your desired date, time, organization and a description of your event is required. Use the online form to send your request.